Cereals and Oils Qualigy and Safety Testing Technology Research Group

1. Researching on the technologies of risk monitoring, risk alerting and risk assessment for quality and safety of cereals and oils
2. Developing and evaluating detection technologies of quality and safety of cereals and oils
3. Developing and producing reference materials of quality and safety of cereals and oils
4. Researching on control technologies and traceability technologies for quality and safety of cereals and oils
5. Providing technical advice on prevention and control of contaminants in cereals and oils
1. To study on the risk monitoring and risk alerting technology system for contaminants in cereal chain
2. To develop serial reference materials for contaminants in cereals
3. To develop and evaluate of rapid detection technologies on contaminants in cereals
4. To research on contamination mechanisms of hazards in cereals
5. To standardize inspection operating procedures for quality and safety of cereals, and to evaluate the standards applicability
6. To organize the panel of experts for public sentiment repartee on cereal contamination issues, and to establish the database for science popularization
1. Integrated technology system for monitoring mycotoxins and other contaminants in cereal, including sampling, alerting and forecasting
2. Serial reference materials for mycotoxins, heavy metals and other contaminants in cereal
3. Evaluation of rapid detection technologies of mycotoxins and other contaminants in cereal
4. Accurate screening and confirmation technologies of multi-analyte and high throughput analysis of contaminants in cereal
5 Risk analysis of mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticide residues and other food contaminants in cereal
Resumes of professors:

Songxue WANG (male, Director, Ph.D., associate professor)
Songxue WANG is the director of this group, and deputy director of department of grain and oil safety, as well as the technical expert of Chinese Cereals and Oils Association. He is also member of the Chinese delegation of Annual meeting of codex committee on contaminants in foods (CCCF, 2012) and codex committee on pesticide residues (CCPR, 2010-2012). He graduated from the Research Center of Eco-Environmental Sciences of Chinese Academy of Science in 2004. From that year, he worked in the Academy of State Administration of Grain (ASAG), and has been engaged in the detection, prevention, control and risk analysis of food contaminants like mycotoxin in cereals and oils. He hosted some national projects such as the 863 project from Ministry of Science and technology, National Natural Science Foundation of China, projects from Ministry of Science and technology for public welfare, national and industrial standards. He has published more than 20 papers in core periodicals at home and abroad in recent years, has established three national standards, and has been awarded with the first prize of Science and Technology Award from Chinese Cereals and Oils Association and so on.
Xicheng Hao (male, associate professor)
Xicheng Hao devotes himself mainly in researches on analysis of grain and oil. He took part in establishing national standards for more than 10 items; developed grain and oil analysis standard substances for cereals and oils for more than 20 items; one of which is for primary national standard substance, 14 of which are for national secondary standard substance, the promising result of research have been awarded with second class Prize and third class Prize by the Chinese Cereals and Oils AAssociation; he also has published more than 30 papers. He is now committee member of the 1st Food Safety National Standard Appraisal Committee.
Yan ZHANG (female, Dr., associate professor)
Yan ZHANG received her Ph.D. degree in Department of Chemistry from Beijing Normal University in 2008. From the same year, she started to work at ASAG. Her current research interests are quality and safety of cereals and oils, including new testing and risk assessment technologies of cereals and oils. She has host one National Natural Science Fundation of China, has took part in a number of research work of national scientific research projects, and has revised one national standard.
Rui ZHANG (female, master, associate professor)
Rui ZHANG graduated from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 2003. Her current areas of research focused on quality and safety of cereals and oils. She also works on the analysis of oils. She hosted the formulation of 4 national standards and participated in the formulation of national standards for more than 10. Meanwhile, she participated in 10 national projects including Social Public Welfare Project, Science and Technology Foundation Platform Project and the National Key Technology R&D Program. Now she is hosting a Projects supported by fundamental research funds for central public welfare research institutes and a national standards. She published many papers in core periodicals such as China Oils and Fats, Journal of the Chinese Cereals and Oils Association.



Academy of State Administration of Grain
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